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Hello everyone, and welcome to Friday's regular program-"Female Fan Interview"! Today, this is a high-value female anchor who likes to play football and can write songs. She has released an album! She is Chen Sisi (understand the ball Emperor ID:


Hello everyone, I’m Chen Sisi, my stage name is Goubuli Bamei, and my pen name Baye. Now I am studying for the postgraduate entrance examination in Changsha, and I am based in the Futsal Stadium of Central South University. I don’t usually watch football, but I like to play. If there are golf friends nearby, you can make an appointment~

大家好,我是Chen Sisi,我的艺名是Goubuli Bamei,笔名Baye。现在,我正在长沙参加研究生入学考试,目前在中南大学五人制足球场工作。我通常不看足球,但我喜欢踢足球。如果附近有高尔夫朋友,可以预约〜

I usually play a five-a-side game, and I play everywhere. In the big game, I mainly play left-back, with a defensive style, but I also prefer assists.


Because it's a hometown team, Evergrande can be regarded as it~ But I really don't watch football very much. I just enjoy the happiness that football brings to me. Because many people who play football have this feeling, that is, when you feel very depressed and annoyed, as long as you play a game, all these negative emotions are released. Sports make people cheerful, we must promote national sports!


I did live broadcast before, and then adopted a stray dog. At that time I said "follow me, I will support you", and then it really understood. It’s sensible, but it’s melancholy, so sometimes I tell it 亚博app意甲登录to ignore me. When I was seen by netizens during the live broadcast, he said that even the dog ignored you haha, and then it became a stage name~ With Tianjin Goubuli Bun It's okay!


Because I sing, I used to like to sing folk songs, but then I switched to singing popular, and I also released single albums.


Yes, I usually like to write songs by myself, but I haven't learned relevant knowledge, just relying solely on my hobbies. Four songs have been posted and one song has not been posted. "Mo Xiangshou", "Female Anchor", "Poor Boy" and "March 3", each song has a story behind it.

是的,我通常喜欢自己写歌,但我还没有学会相关的知识,仅依靠自己的爱好。已发布四首歌曲,尚未发布一首歌曲。 “莫向寿”,“女主播”,“可怜的男孩”和“ 3月3日”,每首歌都有一个故事。

My favorite is "Female Anchor", this song is a bit ironic hahaha, and the reason why you are like me this time using no video interview is that it is a disadvantage to not beautify. Although I am also an anchor, I still hope that everyone will return to reality and not be addicted to the network female anchor hahahahahaha. Knowing Qiu Di has done a very good job in this aspect. The beauty is only microdermabrasion, no face-lifting, no big eyes, very real hahahaha.


I didn't sign the company, so no one pushed. But it doesn't matter, football and music are the only things in my life to live up to.


My lyrics are not very good, but the composition can still be haha, so some of the words are done for me by others, maybe my experience is not enough haha.


No, I intend to study after the postgraduate entrance 亚博视频成年appexamination. This is a technical job and I must learn.


Let’s play the guitar, and then I want to learn piano, but it’s better t亚博app意甲登录o take the guitar with you, play and sing~


Single, you want to help me on a blind date hahahaha.


Can play football, will not stop me from playing football hahahaha. Let's rely on fate~ Actually, there is no standard.


It is also available on Net Yiyun (by mistake, Netease Cloud). It is 亚博app意甲登录more comprehensive on QQ Music. Her proud work "Female Anchor" is also only available on QQ Music. I will post the song below. You can listen to it. ~

它也可以在Net Yiyun(误称为网易云)上使用。它在QQ音乐上更加全面。她引以为傲的作品“女主播”也只能在QQ音乐上找到。我将在下面发布这首歌。你可以听。 〜

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